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Reading University Drama Society is associated with the Reading University Students' Union which is a registered charity (No. 1140375)

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2012-2013 SEASON

The Pillowman by Martin McDonagh (November 2012)

Directed by Nick Askill

Assisted by Sam Thornton

Produced by Megan Turnell

Assisted by Caitlyn Lees-Massey




Katurian - Jack Milam

Michael - Thomas Pressland

Tupolski - Jenny Jope

Ariel - Matt Cornpropst

The Father - Tom Jordan

The Mother - Lydia Woolley

Little Girl - Caitlyn Lees-Massey

Sweeney Todd by Stephen Sondheim (March 2013)

Directed by Sam Simmons

Produced by Sophie MacFadyen

Musical Direction by Nicole Johnson and Dylan Jane




Sweeney Todd - Nick Askill

Mrs. Lovett - Emily Hughes

Anthony Hope - Matt Veazey

Johanna - Tianna Shanks

Rosie Ragg - Emily Barrasin

Judge Turpin - David Dodd

Beadle Bamford - Anna Peaurt

Beggar Woman - Charis Gibson

Adolfo Pirelli - Callum Mackenzie


Fogg/Ensemble - Jack Thompson

Ensemble - Grace Attwood

                  Luke Bevan

                  Sam Gosling

                  Jenny Jope

                  Emily Summerton

                  Nicole Stone

                  Sam Townsend

                  Megan Turnell

                  Jo Williams

                  Lydia Woolley


Watch the show here

The Importance of Being Earnest by Oscar Wilde (March 2013)

Directed by Waseem Abbas

Assisted by Matt Young

Produced by Megan Turnell




Algernon - Tom Pressland

John Worthing - Will Ashton

Lady Bracknell - Charley Martin

Gwendolyn - Jessie Moore

Cecily - Melissa Hartley

Miss Prism - Emily Butler

Rev Chasuble - Matt Cornpropst

Merriman - Lyddy Hemmings

Lane - Sarah Baratt

Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare (June 2013)

Directed by Gavin Leigh

Assisted by Sam Moore

Produced Hannah Robinson




Romeo - Matt Young

Juliet - Ellie Massam

Lord Capulet - Nick Askill

Lady Capulet - Lydia Woolley

Lord Montague - David Dodd

Lady Montague - Jenny Jope

Benvolio - Thomas Pressland

Abraham/Balthasar - Claire Davey

Nurse - Charis Edwards

Tybalt - Gabriel Burns

Sampson - Matt Veazey

Gregory - Sam Hickling

Paris - Sam Thornton

Prince - Jack Wilson

Friar Lawrence - Holly Shorten

Apothecary - Megan Turnell

Mercutio - Ant Henson


Gotcha by Barrie Keeffe (August 2013)

Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Directed by Ellie Allum-Marshall




Kid - Megan Turnell

Lynne - Jenny Jope

Ton -  Gabriel Burns

Head - Nick Askill