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Reading University Drama Society is associated with the Reading University Students' Union which is a registered charity (No. 1140375)

Station X by Josh Clarke, Jade Cowan, Sophy Dexter,

Tom Flynn and Andrew Wilson (November 2015)

Directed by Josh Clarke

Assisted by Ellie Edwards and Chris Flach

Produced by Ailbhe Treacy and Amy Gilks




Keith Batey - Christopher Russenberger

Joan Clarke - Kirsten Lees

Dilly Knox - Joe Lilek

Marvis Lever - Megan Pemberton

Margaret Rock - Riddell Erridge

Peter Twinn - Gabriel Burns



2015-2016 SEASON

1st Station X Poster

The Last Days of Judas Iscariot by Stephen Adly Guirgis

(December 2015)

Directed by Tess Agus and Jessica Bickers

Produced by Megan Turner and Teddy Turpin




Fabiana Aziz Cunningham - Tianna Shanks

Yusef El-Fayoumy - Cameron Rowell

Satan - Henry Turner

Judas Iscariot - Oliver Dickinson

Jesus - Robbie Deffense

Judge Littlefield - Tom Sishton

Bayliff - Audrey Westhead

Henrietta Iscariot - Alison Zrada

Mother Teresa - Jess Davies

Simon the Zealot - Huw Smallwood

Caiaphas the Elder - Youssra Manlaykhaf

Pontius Pilate - Gabriel Burns

Butch Honeywell - Chris Flach

Saint Monica/ Soldier 1 - Rhonda Cowell

Gloria - Lara Davies

Saint Thomas/Soldier 3 - Danni Jordan

Saint Peter/Soldier 2 - Ben Tiplady

Saint Matthew - Joe Morbey

Mary Magdalene /Loretta - Zoey Jeater

Sigmund Freud - Tim Stiles

Matthias of Galilee - Tess Gemmell

Stage Manager/Uncle Pino/Ensemble - Ross Peters




judas King Lear HQ - Josh snol

King Lear by William Shakespeare (Februrary 2016)

Directed by Ellie Edwards

Assisted by Jessica Manu

Produced by Jess Newman and Sherie-Anne McCormick

Executive Produced by Chris Flach




King Lear - Josh Clarke

Goneril - Jess Bickers

Regan - Riddell Erridge

Cordelia - Megan Pemberton

Kent - Tom Sishton

Gloucester - Matt Lomas

Edmund - Huw Smallwood

Edgar - Ross Peters

Cornwall - Cameron Rowell

Albany - Warwick Manning

Oswald - Tess Agus

Fool - Danniella Jordan

France - Daniel Martin

Burgundy - Oliver Dickinson

Doctor - Kirsten Lees

Ensemble - Lucy Benson, Zoey Jeater, Jess Davies and Alison Zrada



rent poster v1

RENT by Jonathan Larson (March 2016)

Directed by Annie May Howard

Assisted by Tess Agus

Produced by Rhonda Cowell and Peter Higham

Executive Produced by Chris Flach




Mark-  Robbie Deffense

Roger - Teddy Turpin

Benny - Warwick Manning

Collins - Gabriel Burns

Angel - Henry Turner

Joanne-  Tianna Shanks

Maureen - Jessica Manu

Mimi - Jodie Irvine

Chorus -  Lizzie Spaul, Joseph Morbey, Jenny Williams, Tim Stiles,

Hana Beckwith and Danniella Jordan



Tartuffe by Moliere (August 2016)

Directed by Josh Clarke

Assisted by Meg Turner

Produced by Jess Newman and Teddy Turpin

Technical consultant: George Ormisher

Marketing Officers: Kit Lane, Hana Beckwith

Hair and Makeup: Hana Beckwith, Kit Lane, Jess Newman




Tartuffe - Oliver Dickinson

Orgon - Gabriel Burns

Elmire - Megan Blair

Damis - Huw Smallwood

Mariane - Lottie Watts

Dorine - Tess Agus

Valere - Patrick Hetherington

Cleante - Jess Bickers

Madame Pernelle - Jess Davies

Flipote/Monsieur Loyal/Queen's Officer - Tom Sishton

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