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Dionysus- Jess Davies

Xanthias- Zoey Jeater

Hercules/ Second Landlady/ ensemble- Gareth Morgan

Charon/ First Landlady/ Ensemble- Tim Stiles

Euripides/ Corpse/ Ensemble- Huw Smallwood

Aeacus/ Pluto/ Ensemble- Becca King

Aeschylus/ Ensemble- Ben Carter

Maid/ Initiate/ Ensemble- Hana Beckwith

A slave/ Ensemble- Patrick Chubb

Annoying Passenger/ Ensemble- Danniella Jordan


Watch the show here

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Mina Murray - Isabel Shortt

Lucy Westenra - Lucy Benson

Johnathan Harker - Luke Cox

Arthur - Billy Ward

Dr Seward - Daniel Martin

Quincey Morris - Enrique Saunders

Van Helsing - Huw Smallwood

Dracula - Jessica Manu

Renfield - Chloe Bertrand

Ensemble/Designer - Jacob Warner

Ensemble/Vampire Bride - Tiberiu Sipos

Ensemble/Ticket Inspector - Ades Singh

Ensemble/Maid - Ellie Edwards

Ensemble/Vampire Bride/Doctor - Maddie Webster

Ensemble/Local Woman - Megan Pemberton

Ensemble/Vampire Bride/Local - Katherine Gardiner


Watch the show here

The Frogs by Aristophanes (November 2016)

Directed by Tess Agus

Assisted by Alison Zrada

Produced by Jess Newman, Erin Karn and Hazel Gul

Original music by Gabriel Burns

Dracula by Bram Stoker November 2016)

Directed by Riddell Erridge

Assissted by Ross Peters

Executive Producer Jessica Newman

Produced by Sherie McCormick and Jessica Dudley

Reading University Drama Society is associated with the Reading University Students' Union which is a registered charity (No. 1140375)

cabaretnight16.1 mid cab17.2 IMPORTANCEFLYER3X-page-001

A Night at the Cabaret - a Musical Theatre Showcase (November 2016)

Produced by Jenny Williams




Jenny Williams

Catherine Lane

Amy Hubbard

Holly Chickenn

Jess Manu

Petra Bartha

Rhonda Cowell

Rosie Clarke

Teddy Turpin

Alison Zrada

Billie Thomas

Coral Richards

Eloise Roseby

Emma Jones

Rhodri Buttrick

Richard McKay

Eleanor Knight

Holly Crawford

Hannah Taylor

A Midsummer Night’s Dream by William Shakespeare (February 2017)

Directed by Huw Smallwood

Assisted by Erin Caitlin Karn

Produced by Jess Dudley & Ciara Roddy

Executive Producer Jess Newman




Oberon/Theseus - Gareth Edward Morgan

Titania/Hippolyta - Riddell Erridge

Puck – Coral Richards

Lysander – Megan Pemberton

Demetrius – Ben Tiplady

Hermia – Katherine Gardiner

Helena – Lily Ingleton

Nick Bottom – Tess Agus

Peter Quince – Jess Davies

Francis Flute – Maddie Webster

Robin Starveling – Chloé Bertrand

Tom Snout – Becca King

Snug – Anna Markiwicz

Philostrate/Ensemble - Lucy Benson

Egeus/Ensemble - Luke Cox

Peaseblossom/Ensemble - Tilly Hale

Cobweb/Ensemble - Amy Hubbard

Moth/Ensemble - Eleanor Jordan

Mustardseed/Ensemble - Rosie Clarke

Fairy - Billy Fox Ward

Fairy - Alison Zrada

Fairy - Jacob McAdam Warner

Fairy – Jake O'Hare


Watch the show here

Cabaret by Joe Masteroff (March 2017)

Directed by Amelia James-Phillips

Assisted by Jessica Manu

Produced by Jess Newman and Sherie-Anne McCormick

Assisted by Ismael Garcia

Music Director Gabriel Burns

Choreography by Jenny Williams and Coral Richards




Sally Bowles - Lexi Powell

Cliff Bradshaw - Chris Purcell

Emcee - Tim Stiles

Fraulein Schneider - Hettie Cole

Herr Schultz - Ross Peters

Fraulein Kost - Rochelle Thompson

Ernst Ludwig - Cameron Gill

Max/Herman/Ensemble - Cameron Rowell

Helga/Ensemble - Rebecca Penn

Frenchie/Ensemble - Molly Cook

Fritzie/Ensemble - Hana Beckwith

Lulu/Ensemble - Catherine Lane

Rosie/Ensemble - Louise Thorpe

Texas/Ensemble - Gemma Horne

Victor/Sailor/Ensemble - Enrique Saunders

Bobby/Sailor/Ensemble - Daniel Snipe

Hans/Sailor/Gorilla/Ensemble - Ben Carter


Watch the show here

The Importance of Being Frank by Oscar Wilde (August 2017)

Directed by Erin Karn

Assisted by Ades Singh

Produced by Teddy Turpin and Gareth Morgan

Assisted by Danniella Jordan

Heads of production - Jess Newman and Tess Agus

Makeup & marketing - Rebecca Penn

Technical contribution - George Ormisher




Andrew Montcrieff - Tim Stiles

John Worthing - Daniel Snipe

Mrs Bracknell - Cameron Gill

Gwendolen Fairfax - Hana Beckwith

Claire Cardew - Coral Richards

Miss Prism - Jess Davies

Reverend Chasuble - Huw Smallwood

Lane - Danniella Jordan


Watch the show here

2016-2017 SEASON