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Sunflowers by Kirsten Lees (November 2017)

Directed by Kirsten Lees

Assisted by Anne Zirker

Produced by Chris Flach

Assisted by Lucy Mortlock and Bella Goh




Vincent van Gogh - Revan Joicey

Paul Gauguin - Teddy Turpin

Marie Ginoux - Jess Davies

Joseph Roulin - Ben Carter

Dr Rey - Riddell Erridge

Rachel - Maisie Welch


Watch the show here


Reading University Drama Society is associated with the Reading University Students' Union which is a registered charity (No. 1140375)


Scouting for Boys by Becca King (November 2017)

Directed by Becca King

Produced by Erin Karn and Teddy Turpin




Baden Powell/Joe - Chris Flach

Donald - Chris Purcell

Tarquin/The Brown Sea Lion - Natasha Hall

Bertie  - Alice Underwood

Lothersom - Eleanor Jordan


Watch the show here

The Crucible by Arthur Miller (November 2017)

Directed by Huw Smallwood

Assisted by Lucy Benson

Produced by Erin Karn and Gareth Morgan

Assisted by Petra Bartha




John Proctor - Thomas Sparrow

Elizabeth Proctor - Eleanor Rowe

Abigail Wiliams - Megan Basnett

Reverend Parris - Cameron Rowell

Reverend Hale - Luke Cox

Tituba - Alison Zrada

Betty Parris - Alana Collins

Judge Danforth - Katherine Gardiner

Judge Hathrone - Daniel Snipe

Giles Corey - Jake O'Hare

Thomas Putnam - Conor Field

Ann Putnam - Megan Pemberton

Rebecca Nurse - Issy Short

Franis Nurse - George Ingram

Mary Warren - Leilani Davis

Mery Lewis - Sarah Lister

Susanna Walcot - Catherine Lnae

Sarah Good - Tilly Hale

Ezekiel Cheever - Josh Coombes

Marshall Herrick - Amy Hubbard


Watch the show here

PAS picture poster

The Performing Arts Showcase (November 2017)

Show Director - Rebecca Penn

Produced by Erin Karn and Lily Ingleton

Assisted by Eiichi Nakajima

Stage Manager - Amy Hubbard

Show Emcee - Gareth Morgan

Choreography by Jenny Williams and Cat Lane



Reading University Ballet Society

Reading University Band Society

Reading University Bellydance Society

Reading University Breakdance & Streetdance Society

Reading University Circus Arts Society

Reading University Comedy Society

Reading University Singer Songwriters Society

Reading University Swing Dance Society


Reading University Drama Society


Mrs Lovett/Ensemble - Rebecca Penn

Sweeney Todd/Gaston/Cicero/Ensemble - Tim Stiles

Elle Woods - Gemma Hughes

Advisor/Ensemble - Jess Martin

Chad/Lefou/Ensemble - Amelia Edge

Chad/Marius/Ensemble - Erin Kav

Carlos/Ensemble - Eiichi Nakajima

Vivian/Glinda/Ensemble - Jenny Williams

Enid/Ensemble - Phoebe Jerman

Warner/ Uhuh/Danny/Ensemble - Teddy Turpin

Emmett/Lipschitz/Corny Collins/Ensmble - Chris Purcell

Callahan/Ensemble -  Joe Morbey

Brooke/Sandy/Ensemble - Ellie Jones

Judge/Ensemble - Bethan Amey

Grizabella/Ensemble - Melis Blackford

Aladdin/Squish/Ensemble - Cameron Rowell

Jasmine/Ensemble - Mary Roughley

Eponine (solo)/Ensemble - Eleanor Knight

Pop/Ensemble - Ben Carter

Six/Rolf/Ensemble - Daniel Snipe

Narrator/Ensemble - Rishab Rajput

Annie/Ensemble - Holly Chicken

Liesel/Ensemble - Tilly Hale

Valjean/Ensemble - Emilie Wright

Javert/Ensemble - Hettie Cole

Cosette/Ensemble - Olivia Massey

Eponine (group)/Ensemble - Cat Lane

Monsieur Thenadier/Ensemble - Alison Zrada

Madame Thenardier/Ensemble - Taby Hilbert

Ensemble - Rhiannon Ford

Ensemble - Lily Ingleton

Ensemble - Erin Karn

Ensemble - Hana Beckwith

Ensemble - Laura Medeghini

Ensemble - Lauren Morley-Hewson

Ensemble - Anna Peleties

Ensemble - Briony Barton

Ensemble - Margaryta Molibozhenko


Watch the show here


2017-2018 SEASON

mac2 FB_IMG_1517315278488(1) FB_IMG_1517315266538(1) FB_IMG_1517315345422(1) FB_IMG_1517315254512(1)

Macbeth by William Shakespeare (February 2018)

Directed by Gareth Morgan

Assisted by Izzy Carney

Produced by Jessica Dudley and Isabel Shortt

Assisted by Emma-Louise Smith





Macbeth - Jake O'Hare

Lady Macbeth - Becca King

Witch 1 - Alana Collins

Witch 2 - Rhiannon Ford

Witch 3 - Lucy Benson

Macduff - George Ingram

Lady Macduff - Eleanor Rowe

Duncan - Conor Field

Malia - Katherine Gardiner

Banquo - Enrique Saunders

Lennox - Huw Smallwood

Ross - Alice Underwood

Siward - Josh Coombes

Donalbain - James Taylor

Porter/Messenger/Caithness - Jess Davies

Murderer 1/Angus - Alison Zrada

Murderer 2/Sergeant/Servant/Mentieth - Leilani Davis

Murderer 3/Seyton - Kirsten Lees

Fleance/Doctor/Macduff's son - Lucy Mortlock


spring poster2

Spring Awakening by Steven Sater & Duncan Sheik (March 2018)

Directed by Hettie Cole

Assisted by Amy Hubbard

Produced by Erin Karn & Ciara Roddy

Choreography by Catherine Lane & Jenny Williams

Vocal Coach: Rebecca Penn

Musical Director: Adam Saunders



Melchior Gabor - Teddy Turpin

Wendla Bergman - Lily Ingleton

Moritz Stiefel - Ben Carter

Frau Bergmann/Fanny Gabor/Fraulein Kunppeldick - Lexi Powell

Herr Sonnenstich/Schmidt/the fathers - Archie Denison-Smith

Herr Knockenbruch/ensemble - Rishab Rajput

Sister Kaulbruch/Doctor von Brausepulver - Clare Baines

Hanschen/Rupert - Gabriel Lopez

Ernst/Reinhold - Joey Paris

Ilse - Eleanor Knight

Martha - Molly Cook

Georg/Dieter - Amelia Edge

Otto/Ulbert - Erin Kavanagh

Thea - Jess Martin

Anna - Melis Blackford

Ensemble - Anna Peleties

Ensemble - Rebecca Penn


Watch the show here


Grease by Jim Jacobs and Warren Casey: The 6th Annual 24 Hour Musical (June 2018)

Directed by Jenny Williams, Ross Peters & Riddell Erridge




Danny - Joey Paris

Sandy - Tilly Hale

Rizzo - Eleanor Knight

Kenickie - James Taylor

Marty - Clare Baines

Frenchy - Alice Underwood

Doody - Gareth Morgan

Jan - Amy Hubbard

Roger - Chris Purcell

Sonny - Teddy Turpin

Eugene - Patrick O'Callaghan

Patty - Izzy Carney

Cha Cha - Anna Peleties

Miss Lynch - Briony Barton & Rishab Rajput

School Band/Johnny Casino - Amelia Edge, Ben Carter & Erin Kavanagh

Teen Angel - Cameron Rowell & Joe Morbey

Vince Fontaine - Tom Sparrow & Josh Coombes


Ensemble: Rhiannon Ford, Megan Basnett, Ciara Roddy, Rebecca Penn, Catherine Lane, Hettie Cole, Jess Martin, Jess Dudley, Melis Blackford, Holly Chicken, Katharine Gardiner, Dan Snipe, Gemma Hughes, Alison Zrada, Bethan Amey, Tim Stiles, Jess Davies, Anna Ryan, Leilani Davis, Conor Field, Huw Smallwood, Erin Karn


Watch the show here

53570254_2096743457283425_27388280597118976_n(1) 37388643_1748394001908319_7223331854462484480_n

Alfred Hitchcock's Writers Room by Cameron Gill & Ades Singh

Directed by Cameron Gill

Assisted by Maisie Welch

Produced by Erin Karn & Lily Ingleton

Assisted by Bethan Amey

Marketing: Clare Baines

Technical Team: George Ormisher




The Detective - Luke Cox

Kevin - Tom Sparrow

Maya - Jess Davies

Scott - Conor Field

Lila - Rebecca Penn


A Romantic's Guide to the Apocalypse by Huw Smallwood (Edinburgh Fringe August 2018)

Directed by Huw Smallwood

Assisted by Jess Martin

Produced by Amy Hubbard & Riddell Erridge

Technical Team: Izzie Sheldon & Jenny Sanders

Musical Director: Jess Martin




Zoe - Catherine Lane

Jack - Ben Carter

Ensemble - Erin Kavanagh

Ensemble - Patrick O'Callaghan

Ensemble - Melis Blackford

Ensemble - Teddy Turpin