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Sunflowers by Kirsten Lees (November 2016)

Directed by Kirsten Lees

Assisted by Anne Zirker

Produced by Chris Flach

Assisted by Lucy Mortlock and Bella Goh




Vincent van Gogh - Revan Joicey

Paul Gauguin - Teddy Turpin

Marie Ginoux - Jess Davies

Joseph Roulin - Ben Carter

Dr Rey - Riddell Erridge

Rachel - Maisie Welch



Reading University Drama Society is associated with the Reading University Students' Union which is a registered charity (No. 1140375)


Scouting for Boys by Becca King (November 2016)

Directed by Becca King

Produced by Erin Karn and Teddy Turpin




Baden Powell/Joe - Chris Flach

Donald - Chris Purcell

Tarquin/The Brown Sea Lion - Natasha Hall

Bertie  - Alice Underwood

Lothersom - Eleanor Jordan


The Crucible by Arthur Miller (November 2016)

Directed by Huw Smallwood

Assisted by Lucy Benson

Produced by Erin Karn and Gareth Morgan

Assisted by Petra Bartha




John Proctor - Thomas Sparrow

Elizabeth Proctor - Eleanor Rowe

Abigail Wiliams - Megan Basnett

Reverend Parris - Cameron Rowell

Reverend Hale - Luke Cox

Tituba - Alison Zrada

Betty Parris - Alana Collins

Judge Danforth - Katherine Gardiner

Judge Hathrone - Daniel Snipe

Giles Corey - Jake O'Hare

Thomas Putnam - Conor Field

Ann Putnam - Megan Pemberton

Rebecca Nurse - Issy Short

Franis Nurse - George Ingram

Mary Warren - Leilani Davis

Mery Lewis - Sarah Lister

Susanna Walcot - Catherine Lnae

Sarah Good - Tilly Hale

Ezekiel Cheever - Josh Coombes

Marshall Herrick - Amy Hubbard


PAS picture poster

The Performing Arts Showcase (November 2016)

Executive Producer - Rebecca Penn

Produced by Erin Karn and Lily Ingleton

Assisted by Eiichi Nakajima

Choreography by Jenny Williams and Cat Lane


2017-2018 SEASON