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Date Night by Maisie Welch (November 2018)

Directed by Maisie Welch

Assisted by Tom Sparrow

Produced by Erin Karn & Bethan Amey

Stage Manger: Izzy Carney

Head of Tech: Gareth Morgan



Nancy - Kate Brown

Harry - Conor Field

Roger - Sam Bunn

Sally - Tilly Hale

Simon - Cameron Swan

Abbey - Alice Underwood

Jess - Zoe Cooke

Adam - Teddy Turpin

Lucy - Natasha Hall

Dean - Matthew Warburton


Watch the show here

Reading University Drama Society is associated with the Reading University Students' Union which is a registered charity (No. 1140375)

Road by Jim Cartwright (December 2018)

Directed by Patrick O'Callaghan

Assisted by Erin Kavanagh

Produced by Niamh Blackburn, Jenny Law & Jess Martin

Production Advisor: Amy Hubbard

Stage Manager: Anna Ryan

Assisted by Josh Smith

Head of Tech: Natalie Richeux & Diane Pognan




Barry/Louise's borther/Manfred - Ben Carter

Bisto/Joey's Dad/Soldier - Josh Bryant

Blowpipe/Curt - Josh Montgomery

Brenda - Alison Zrada

Brian - James Taylor

Brink - Emil Djemal

Carol - Alice Robb

Clare - Faith Martin

Dor - Emma Hunter

Eddie - John Boundy

Helen - Jo Hawkins

Joey - Revan Joicey

Mother/Linda/Manfred's assistant - Emma-Louise Smith

Lane - Dani Poll

Louise - Madeline Hanwell

Marion - Siobbhan Cartwright

Molly - Eleanor Jordan

Professor - Josh Coombes

Scullery - Joey Paris

Skin-Lad - Adam Ellis

Valerie - Safira Taylor


Watch the show here

The Arts Showcase (December 2018)

Produced by Rebecca Penn & Jess Martin

RUDS Directors: Clare Baines, Em Rayson, Eleanor Knight & Rebecca Penn

Stage Manager: Alice Underwood

Show Emcee: Ryan Harnell



Reading University Argentine Tango Society

Reading University Bellydance Society

Reding University Circus Arts Society

Reading University Comedy Society

Reading University KPop Society

Reading University Singer Songwriters Society

Reading University Tap & Modern Society

Reading University Drama Society Cast:


Mamma Mia Medley:

Soloists: Em Rayson, Clare Baines, Ben Carter, Gemma Hughes, Jess Martin & Natalie Richeux

Ensemble: Annemieke Gebhard, Alannah Moody, Anna Peleties, Abigail Pinkney, Eleanor Knight, Erin Karn, Holly Chicken, Isabel Vernon, Josie Pamment, Josh East, Leilani Davis, Melis Blackford, Rebecca Penn, Richard Sawyer, Rishab Rajput & Teodora Miryanova


Little Shop of Horros Mashup:

Soloists: Richard Sawyer, Sophie-Marie Richards, Amelia Edge, Eleanor Knight & Chess Norris

Ensemble: Abigail Pinkney, Alannah Moody, Anna Peleties, Ben Carter, Em Rayson, Erin Karn, Holly Chicken, Jasmine Veale, Jess Martin, Josh East, Melis Blackford, Natalie Richeux, Rachel Sexton, Rebecca Penn, Rishab Rajput  & Teodora Miryanova


Wicked Medley:

Soloists: Rebecca Penn, Lauren Byrne, Melis Blackford & Em Rayson

Ensemble: Amelia Edge, Anna Peleties, Ben Carter, Catherine Lane, Elle Miles, Emma Randall, Gemma Hughes, Holly Chicken, Jasmine Veale, Jess Martin, Natalie Richeux, Rahcel Sexton, Rishab Rajput & Tom Sparrow


Matilda Medley:

Soloists: Holly Chicken, Jasmine Veale, Anna Peleties, Abigail Pinkney & Josh East

Ensemble: Amelia Edge, Ben Carter, Catherine Lane, Chess Norris, Clare Baines, Eleanor Knight, Em Rayson, Emma Randall, Erin Karn, Gemma Hughes, Isabel Vernon, Jess Martin, Josie Pamment, Leilani Davis, Megha Sharma, Melis Blackford, Natalie Richeux, Rachel Sexton, Richard Sawyer, Rishab Rajput & Tom Sparrow


Watch the show here

The Rough Sketch Writing Festival (December 2019)

Produced by Tom Sparrow

Assisted by Izzy Carney & Erin Karn

Stage Manager:

Head of Tech:


Check-In by Sam Bunn

Cast: Niamh Blackburn, Josh Montgomery & Patrick O'Callaghan


The Harbinger by Josh Coombes

Cast: Matthew Warburton, John Boundy & Josh Bryant


Scenes From a British Dugout by Saan Gill

Cast: John Boundy, Josh Bryant, Thomas Drew & Ben Carter


Pinipple by James Taylor

Cast: Catherine Lane & Cameron Swan


Who Are You? by Monisha Zaman

Cast: Josh Montgomery, Holly Chicken & Alison Zrada


Some Boy Called Tom by Megan Basnett

Cast: Fatema Maraghi & Ben Carter


Reason to Belive by Cameron Gill, directed by Maisie Welch

Cast: Gareth Morgan & Thomas Drew


The Energy Monster by Eleanor Jordan

Cast: Ellie Davis, Emma Hunter, Alison Zrada & Gareth Morgan


The Name Game by Alice Robb

Cast: Kate Brown


Learning to Labour by Emma-Louise Smith

Cast:  Lauren Ring, George Ingram, Dara Bolaji & Erin Kavanagh


A Trois by Anna Ryan

Cast: Rebecca Penn, Matthew Warburton & Alice Underwood


Watch the show here


2018-2019 SEASON

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare (February 2019)

Co-directed by Izzy Carney & Emma-Louise Smith

Produced by Lauren Ring & Bethan Amey

Assisted by James Turner

Head of Tech: Jenny Sanders & Gareth Morgan

Stage Manager: Madeline McQuoid




Beatrice - Alice Underwood

Benedick - Tom Sparrow

Claudio - Sam Bunn

Hero - Hollie Diplock

Leonato - Josh Smith

Antonio - James Smith

Don Pedro - George Ingram

Don Jon - Alice Robb

Borachio - Josh Bryant

Conrade - Anna Ryan

Dogberry - Alison Zrada

Verges - Becca King

Watchman - Madeline Hanwell

Innogen - Ellie Davis

Margaret - Maisie Welch

Ursula - Marcie Weeks

Friar - Ben Harper-Stone

Balthasar - Matthew Warburton

Messenger - Alannah Moody


Watch the show here

Our House the Madness musical (March 2019)

Directed by Ben Carter

Assisted by Catherine Lane

Produced by Amy Hubbard & Gemma Draper

Assisted by Patricia Humphreys

Choreography by Abigail Pinkney & Rebecca Penn

Vocal Coach: Em Rayson

Musical Director: Richard Sawyer

Stage Manager: Natalie Richeux



Joe Casey - Joey Paris

Sarah - Jess Martin

Billie - Chess Norris

Angie - Anna Peleties

Emmo - Emil Djemal

Lewis - Patrick O'Callaghan

Joe's Mum - Gemma Hughes

Joe's Dad - Teddy Turpin

Miss Pressman - Clare Baines

Reecey - Martin Fazio

Callum/ensemble - John Boundy

Ray /Teacher/ensemble - Archie Denison-Smith

Lawyer/Police Officer/ensemble - Jason Clerio-Pharoah

Priest/Lawyer/Uncle/ensemble - Cameron Swan

Joe Bodydouble/Police Officer/ensemble - Josh East

Heather/bodyguard/ensemble - Em Rayson

Police Officer/Stall seller/ensemble - Amelia Edge

Corrections Officer/Julie/ensemble - Melis Blackford

Lawyer/ensemble - Rhianna Bryon

Aunt/ensemble - Tatiana Zanre

Dance judge/Gondola gal/ensemble - Erin Kavanagh

Lawyer/Stall seller/ensemble - Tilly Hale

Lawyer/ Stall seller/ensemble - Eleanor Knight

Lawyer/ensemble - Lauren Byrne

Cowgirl/ensemble - Niamh Payne


Watch the show here 

The 7th Annual 24 Hour Musical (June 2019)

Directed by TBC


Cast: TBC



Who Killed Bambi? by Anna Ryan (Edinburgh Fringe August 2019)

Directed by Anna Ryan

Assisted by TBC

Produced by TBC





The Visitors by Sam Bunn (Edinburgh

Fringe August 2019)

Directed by Sam Bunn

Assisted by TBC

Produced by TBC 














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