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The Autumn term provides RUDS with a wave of fresh new faces, and what better way to kick off our year with Make A Scene and our Autumn Shows!


Make A Scene is an all inclusive workshop for freshers and new members.  Every Monday we’ll all get together, get to know one another and have some fun!  There are no deadlines for showcases or performances at the end so you can relax and get used to University life and how you can get involved with us.

The best thing about Make A Scene is it includes everyone and anyone, leaving no one out!  If you want to perform, there is nothing to stop you!  Whilst the society holds auditions for all other performances, Make A Scene is audition free.  It is the perfect opportunity for all new members to meet some great new friends and learn what RUDS is all about!

The Spring term brings the busiest time for the society, with the production of our biggest show, our annual musical.  Recent successes include 'Little Shop of Horrors' (2015), 'Rent' (2016) and 'Cabaret' (2017). Typically this involves more society members than any other production, with it’s actors, singers and dancers, and well as a large production and technical team, not forgetting the live band!


There’s plenty of opportunity to get involved in the musical, and encourage those who are nervous about trying something new.

The  Spring season also sees the production of one of other big shows - the annual Shakespeare production. Over the years we’ve performed classics such as 'Twelfth Night', 'Romeo and Juliet', and 'A Midsummer Night's Dream'.  These productions utilise extremely large casts.

A staple of Ruds summer season is sending some of our company up to the Edinburgh Fringe festival. Productions are planned and auditions held throughout the summer term, with rehearsals running through the post exam period and into the summer holiday. We’ve had great reception and rave reviews in recent times which spurs us on to have a bigger and better reputation at the festival. Previously we have also arranged for some members to travel up to Edinburgh on a week long social, so members have the opportunity to go and see the broadest range of theatre and comedy around. This has proved highly popular, so if you fancy it, get in quick!


As well as this, we also put on a musical for charity in just 24 hours! Check out the page for more information.

RUDS isn’t just about theatre though. While acting/singing/producing is a lot of fun, sometimes you need to take a break, have a relaxing drink, and just chill with all the great friends you’ve made in the society. Throughout the year the committee will be organising a wide variety of events to suit everyone’s needs. This can include club nights, picnics and BBQs, karaoke (a firm RUDS favourite), and trips beyond Reading. Sometimes this is to see productions, such as West End shows Matilda the Musical and Wicked, or just to go to a local laser quest, followed by ice cream and football. The possibilities for our socials are endless, and we try to keep them varied and fresh for your entertainment.

This year RUDS is producing FOUR Autumn shows!. Our first show is a small, original piece of writing that we are taking to the Inter-University Drama Festival in London. Next is the Small Autumn play, a smaller, intimate production that is free to perform. Shortly after is the Big Autumn play, typically our most theatrical show on the calendar, where we take licence to experiment with a variety of different styles and forms of theatre. We will be finishing the Autumn term with a brand new show, the Performing Arts Showcase, a one-night musical theatre show which will see RUDS collaborating with other Arts Societies such as Ballet, Breakdance and Band. While Make A Scene will be keeping most new members more than occupied, they are certainly welcome to audition for the Autumn Plays and Showcase.





Reading University Drama Society is associated with the Reading University Students' Union which is a registered charity (No. 1140375)

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